Tips to choose a family tent

best tents for familiesIt can be quite difficult to get the best family tent that is available on the market as there are several tent features and designs. Just as with anything, we all have different tips on what to consider being the best family tent, in the end, it all comes down to what you consider the most suitable for the unique needs of your family.

Here are some basic tips on what to consider when shopping for your new family tent. The space you need is an important factor when you plan to buy a family tent. Usually, they have a recommended maximum capacity, but this should be regarded with precaution. It is preferable to go one or even two people less. Thus, a seven-person tent should be regarded more like a tent for 5, maximum six person tent.

Check for the tent to have sufficient porch, living space, sleeping area and one for cooking. It is important to have adequate space for all these activities for a fun and stress-free holiday.

Don’t forget that clothes and the cooking equipment also require some space and thus; it should be added to the space requirement of the tent.

Choose a waterproof professional family tent and also check for the tent to include properly shut doors and well-sewn seams. You don’t want to get wet inside the tent when it rains outside or for stronger winds to collapse your family tent.

The weight of the tent is important only if you have to carry it with you for a longer distance and not next to your car. So, based on where you pitch the tent, choose a lighter or heavier one

Luckily, most family tents that are currently available on the market are easy to put up. Allow about 30 minutes for most family tents, although there are family tents that can be easily put up a lot quicker.

Obviously, it is recommended to first pitch the tent at home in your backyard and not straight on the campsite. Thus, you’ll know how much it takes to put it up, and it will be a lot easier and quicker to set up the tent. The following three styles are the basic design options:

Dome-style tents: comparing to classic backpacking domes, they are the largest. They offer greater strength and wind-shedding ability, both of which you’ll appreciate in less than perfect weather. They’re tall, but with sloping walls have a slightly reduced living space. Cabin-style tents: The cabin style tent offers much more usable interior space than classic dome style tents. Straight walls provide more head room and permit campers to place cots and gear closer to the walls and out of the way. Sun shelters and Screen Rooms: There are many varieties and are usually used cover the picnic table or are set up on any sunny day. They can also be as sleeping shelters if necessary. Featuring all-mesh walls, screen houses do extremely well in warm weather and keep occupants protected from bugs.

These are the best tips for choosing family tent, so when you follow the above tips it would be easier to identify the best tent

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Teaching English In Beijing – A Photo Adventure

Teaching English In Beijing

Beijing is one of the world’s biggest and craziest cities. When I recently decided to teach English in Beijing for a year, I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into before going there. I didn’t know a whole lot about it before getting on the plane, except that there is somewhere in the range of 20 million people in the city and general region surrounding it. Coming from a pretty small town, I knew that this would be an experience that would be at least a little overwhelming and shocking for me.

But I had been wanting to teach English overseas for a long time and I also wanted to go somewhere that I’d have lots of chances to practice my photography and get lots of great pictures to show my family and friends. I knew that China is definitely one of the most culturally rich and diverse places in the world and I figured that the capital would have endless opportunities available for me to practice my skill and grab some great shots.

When I first arrived it was even more overwhelming than I expected it to be. It’s hard to describe the experience of being in Beijing. It’s not just the crazy amount of people, but also all the smells from the street food, the noise from the buses and motorcycles everywhere, and just the general feeling of being in a place that’s so alive. There really are no words for it, so you’ll just have to go to Beijing and experience it for yourself. There’s simply no other way to actually know what the city is like.

I have done my best to capture what the city makes me feel like with my photos. I think I’ve done a good job with this and I hope that you enjoy my photos of Beijing. The things I won’t be able to catch on film are the experiences I had with my students and all the other people that I  met in Beijing. People were so friendly and welcoming to me and I made many new friends that will be with me for life while there.

I have decided that I ant to go back for longer and stay there as an expat. Maybe spend the rest of my life there if things go as planned. I am going to go back for a second round of teaching English and spend a lot of time doing freelance photography work there as well. I found that I could walk in any direction and within a few minutes I’d have dozens and dozens of opportunities for great shots all around me.

If you’re looking to experience some fun in life, I definitely recommend you go teach English in Beijing. It truly is one of the world’s great cities and you’ll never be bored when you’re living there. In fact, your only problem will be that there’s simply too much awesome stuff to do in Beijing and never enough time to do it all.

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The London bridge experience located in London

scary London bridge made by locksmiths


So after I had such a great time at Escape Hunt, I thought I would give a scarier version of the real life experience games a try. I headed to the London bridge experience located in London.  Boy was this an experience. It was a lot more scary then I expected it to be. I probably keep it on the lighter side from now on but I do really like these types of real life games now. I wouldn’t mind trying them all

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I experienced the escape the room game in London today

escape rooms london


I had the great please of trying the new Room Escape in London today. It was quite busy as a large company ended up there at the same time I was playing. Have you ever played the only versions? It’s basically the same concept but in real life. After talking to the manger I found out that the escape room experience is booming all over the world and there are many companies are branching out which makes the perfect new franchise opportunity. If your interested You can checkout escape the game franchise here in London. escape the game franchise

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Black and White Picture of a Double Decker Bus

Snapped a picture of a rehab help


As I was walking along the park today I saw a double decker bus and though is would make a perfect picture for a black and white shot. What do you think??

I think this is beautiful. I love how the clouds look in the sky and the colour of the bus. Since I’ve been in London I’ve actually never rid-in in a double decker bus. Have you?

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Girls enjoying some play time

Cornerstone Rehab


I saw these girl having such a blast playing in the fountain I had to snap a shot! I really wanted to jump in with them but of course I was wearing all white that day and I don’t think that would of been such a good idea :) I was actually surprised that girl in the jeans jumped in. I can only imagine how uncomfortable she must have felt the rest of the day. I just love to see free spirits girls having.

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